Acceptable, clean, older facility in need of some upgrading.... (Mai 2017)

Alter: 60 - 70 (privat) am 30. Mai 2017

Acceptable, clean, older facility in need of some upgrading. My personal rating is downgraded for lack of full service restaurant, having to go outside to access the elevator, lack of direct access to hotel from parking area, need to use opener for parking gate for both entrance and exit from parking area (Receptionist did not inform me of exit requirement even when it was obvious that I had come by car. I was forced to return to the front desk a second time to obtain the remote control. In my opinion this was done intentionally.), lack of lighting in bathroom, and no way to circulate air in the room other than by opening the doors to the balcony - which did not help too much. Assuming that all the rooms would be of similar accommodation style, I would not bring my wife to stay with me at this hotel. This hotel is fine for a single person who is not particular about what amenities are available.


Kommentar: A little high considering lack of amenities.

Kommentar: No air circulation - balcony doors not enough. Inadequate lighting in bathroom.

Kommentar: Generally, service was very good; excellent English language skills by all staff I interacted with. However, I have downgraded for incident described in comments below regarding exit from parking area.

Hotel Kommentar:
Dear Mr. Boyer We are appalled at your rating. If you had looked into your reservation at the time of booking, then you would have seen, we are a Garni hotel! This means only breakfast. Besides, we are a three star house not four stars, a restaurant is not required. What problem do you have to run exactly 3 meters to the elevator? The parking is a special service you can find in the middle of the city in no hotel. There is also only a path in the backyard of 20-30 meters. No, there is no direct access, because just in the backyard !! Furthermore, you have booked a superior single room. You had a superior double at the single room rate and with a balcony. Unfortunately, you did not tell us when you arrived, so we would have a 5 star hotel for about 4-500 euro for the cup play reserved. This service is also free of charge. A.Schernau

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