the hotel

What is now a hotel used to be an upper-class residential-building, built in 1886 as part of an upcoming neighbourhood emerging around Wittenbergplatz at the beginning of the 19th century. It became home to aristocrats, wealthy bourgeoisie and well-known intellectuals and artists. Here the growing city was pulsing with life, and in 1907 the “Kaufhaus des Westens” (KaDeWe), a world-famous department store until today, opened its gates at Wittenbergplatz.Sadly, this quarter was almost completely destroyed during World War II. Our house, Ansbacher Straße 6, was the only one almost completely spared the destructions of war. Even though a bomb, that destroyed the neighbouring house, streaked the roof, it only caused slight tremor damage, which was repaired after the end of the war. Life went on, the house continued to be a residential-building.The conversion into a hotel was started in 1989. Step by step the huge apartments of the historical building became hotel rooms. The staircase and the hallways, preserved in their original style, have been faithfully restored. So too with the art-nouveau facade of the front-building, that young artists reconstructed by paying attention to every detail.This process created the mix that our guests love: rooms with the individual layout of a traditional hotel, yet providing all the comforts of a modern three-star-establishment. The same modernity characterizes the design of our reception, breakfast-lounge and bar – all this coupled with the charms and flair of a Wilhelminian-style building.For the time being our hotel has 65 rooms, allotted in the front-building, the side-building and the so-called “garden-house”, a typical Berlin feature. All parts of the hotel are grouped around a pleasant inner courtyard. During summertime this becomes a little oasis popular with our guests for having breakfast, a coffee or just relaxing.The hotel is classified with 3 stars through DeHoGa, the german hotel and gastronomy association.

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