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Distance from hotel: 1.2 kmInside is a spiral staircase with 285 steps to the 50.66 meter high viewing platform. From there, you have a fantastic view over the Tiergarten, the Potsdamer Platz, the Brandenburg Gate andthe surrounding urban area. The Siegessäule has a height of 66.89 meter, including the statue is.The bronze sculpture created by Friedrich Drake represents Victory with laurel wreath, a helmetadorned with an eagle and an insignia with an iron cross. In Berlin Slang it is called “Gold Else”because of its gilding and the homonymous continued story in the magazine “The Gartenlaube”.Friedrich Drake designed it after the model of his daughter Margaret, the pouring was carried outby Hermann Gladenbeck. It was restored in 1954 and again plated by the Hermann Noackfoundry in Berlin-Friedenau in 1989.Adress:SiegessäuleStraße des 17. Juni10785 BerlinFurther information receives you gladly locally at the reception.We look forward to your visit with us in Berlin.

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